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I was so pleased to be invited to offer headshots at The Bar Association of Metro St. Louis Women in the Legal Profession’s event. Above is a sample of the headshots from the day. What a remarkable and uplifting group of women.

On March 29, they welcomed the 2022-2023 Missouri Bar Officers, Lauren Tucker McCubbin (President), Megan Phillips (President-Elect), and Shelly Dreyer (Vice President), the first slate of all female officers in the Missouri Bar’s 79-year history, as well as the first female Missouri Bar President, Doreen Dodson, and the first African-American female Missouri Bar President, Dana Tippin Cutler.


Headshots at Your Next Event

Are you planning a networking or business association event and need something unique to offer your attendees? Consider adding a headshot pop-up to your itinerary. Everything is brought to your event to give guests a mini headshot session. They can later view and order from an online proofing gallery. Guest sign-up and scheduling are handled for you and catered to fit your schedule.

Background Choices for Your Event

For most events, I recommend using a seamless white background. This will give guests a timeless look and the option to drop any digital background they choose, giving them the most versatility.

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